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A home for the various writings I make, from serial short stories to rambling tangents.

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The various projects I'm working on, both the ones published here, on this site, and elsewhere

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Modern Horror Story Serial

Welcome to the America you never knew existed.

Current Status: In Development

Next Release: Unknown

Fantasy Adventure Story Serial

When a vile villain embarks on a noble quest, there's only one reliable outcome: chaos.

Current Status: In Progress

Next Release: Unknown

Comedic Web Comic

The only thing worse than mad scientists and creepy cultists... is going to school with them.

Current Status: In Development

Next Release: Not Set

Modern Fantasy Novel

In the world of modern magic, second chances don't come cheap. And they tend to charge by the hour.

Current Status: In Development

Release: Not Set

Text-Based Videogame

Details coming soon.

Current Status: In Planning

Release: Not Set



A  mild-mannered truck driver by day, I spend my nights writing mostly at an attempt to convince the last few shreds of sanity I have not to jump ship with the rest. When I'm not doing that, you can usually find me playing tabletop rpgs, raiding the "50 cents" section of bookstores, and generally committing similar acts to solidify my reputation as a "huge nerd." Otherwise, my time is spent between caring for my loving and intelligent-deficit dog Slade and yelling at you for cutting me off in traffic.


Contact Info

Because the voices in my head can get a bit repetitive sometimes. If you need to ask me a question, I'd suggest using the email; I tend to check that more frequently.

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