Life's not always easy for Kaylee Smith. The seventh grader has a hard time fitting in. She has a bad habit of getting kicked out of schools. And when she's sent to the last public school in her county, Miskatonic K-12, the only ones she makes friends with are the 'weird kids.'

Kids like Frannie Steinburg, a prodigy genius with little to no social skills and whose experiments have a tendency to escape their cloning tanks and going on a rampage in town, and like Alex Poe, who helps his parents fight ghosts and zombies with magic in the funeral home where they live in between writing deep and emotional tumblr posts.

And this is even before we factor in the school bullies, pop quizzes, aliens, popularity devas, evil robots, haunted carnivals, and obligatory Christmas specials.

School can be such a nightmare sometimes.


Oy vey, does drawing take a long time.


I've gotten most of the prep work done for this one, and have gotten a few pages of the first issue of the series done,  but I'd prefer to start posting them once I'm finished with that issue. That way, I don't have to leave you guys hanging for weeks at a time, like some of my other favorite series enjoy doing to me.

Right now, I'm forced to work on it in the very, very few pieces of  free time that I have that aren't already dedicated to either Creepy America or Solaire, which has made progress slower than you can imagine. Honestly, I'll be happy if I can get it done sometime in the next YEAR.

So long story short, this is gonna take a bit.