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but until then.

When we were young and the world was large,

The sky was bright and the grown-ups in charge,

We would play in the land of make believe.

Where every tree was a vaulted castle,

Every friend, a fellow lord and vassal,

Where great quests, and victories were achieved.

And we knew that when it was our turn,

We’d take all the things we learned,

And work to make the world a better place,

That each of us would have a part to play,

And we’d be so happy in that day,

But until then, we would practice here,

(practice here

practice here

practice here)

but until then.

When we grew up and the world was small,

And at the edge of school’s end we stood tall,

We marched out to face the world at large.

Some to colleges, some to home,

Some marching bravely to lands unknown,

For we knew it was time to take charge.

For someday soon we would own

The things we envisioned when we were alone:

Money, respect, fame, and all success.

Each of us had a destiny to seize,

Stopped by none, and all would see,

But until then, we would dream away

(dream away

dream away

dream away)

but until then.

When we matured and the world was hollow,

And in the space our lives we wallowed,

We looked back on a life that we had lived.

Where compromise was made many times,

And dreams compacted to fit our lives,

And told ourselves this was what it meant to thrive.

Our ideals were foolish, our dreams were vain,

If things were meant to come, they would have came,

But nothing did, so this would be our lot.

But our children played in the woods and fields,

And a bright future for them would be revealed,

But until then, we would stay and watch,

(stay and watch

stay and watch

stay and watch)

but until then.

And now I’ve grown old and the world is gone,

And I sit here alone in the light of dawn,

And I think back on all these long-gone times.

The ones I’ve known have passed away,

The ones I’ve raised are too busy to stay,

But in phone calls, their lives play out like mine.

But outside my window children play,

Waiting for bright and shiny days,

And I contemplate what lies ahead.

Someday soon, I must too pass on,

And memories will fade until I’m gone,

But until then, I guess I’ll wait to die

(wait to die

wait to die

wait to die)

but until then.

Another random writing; again, no real explanation for it. I was listening to 'killmyself' 's song 'but until then' and the words just popped into my head. Figured I'd write them down while I could, and this was the result.

No backstory this time. I think the words speak for themselves.

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