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Drawing 1: Mr. Fetch

I'm trying to get my drawing skills back up to snuff after letting them get rusty for a few years. This is a character from the Mutants and Masterminds game I run (think Dungeons and Dragons, but with superheroes), so I guess I post art here now, too. This guy is the friend of one of the player characters, John Crowley. Well, friend is kind of a loose word. Mr. Fetch here would be adamant on how great buddies they are; Crowley would describe him as "annoying, but useful".

Crowley is a highly-trained, highly-capable mercenary who also has the ability to sense and control people's fears. His possessions included large amounts of guns, custom ballistic masks, and a small wooden box, handed down over the years of the Crowley line and told "never to open it." But over the course of the game, his curiosity got the better of him, and out pops this thing: Mr. Fetch, a mental demon made out of bad memories and the source of Crowley's fear powers.

He's not an easy creature to get along with. Fetches are psychic scavengers who "eat" memories forgotten by humans (your lunch on Tuesday, where you left your car keys, etc.), but that means that he often gets only part of the picture and comes up with some strange ideas. He believes that the existence of other Fetches are impostors playing an elaborate prank on him, thinks that puffer-fish are a warrior race that regularly fight the Japanese, and is convinced that the ants that live in Crowley's home are "Prussians" and complains about "the use of weapons of mass destruction to commit genocide" every time he sprays a can of Raid.

Yes, he may be annoying, but it's a small price to pay for the ability to make your enemies curl up in a ball and literally whimper in fear...

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