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News Update 3: I'm Late!

Yeah… tiny bit behind schedule. Whoops.

I meant to post this thing waayy sooner, but I haven’t really had any access to a reliable wifi connection since Friday. See, I’m in Colorado right now, in a little town called “Kennesburg”, going through schooling to get a CDL licence to drive a semi truck. Which is my new job, by the way. Which is exciting! But that’s “other side of the country” Colorado. Well, technically, Cincinnati is at the “other side” of the country now, because position is relative, and that’s not even counting wherever you happen to be reading this right now…

Not relevant! Point is, I’m at a very far away place and it took me a long time to get here. Three days, in fact. And while I kept thinking that I’d find a convenient place to sit down and post a quick update on the state of things, I never did. And in fact, this place isn’t convenient, either. There’s no wifi here! I have to hotspot off my phone! Like a barbarian! What do they expect me to do next, kill and cook my own meat over an open flame?

Anyway, to summarize a bunch of irrelevant information, I was too busy to get any writing down this week, what for prepping for a new job, new school, and a near month-long stay in a different state. This weeks Soliare (technically yesterday’s) is going to be delayed by a week. THEN we’ll be back to our regular schedule. I promise. I might have to announce another delay in three weeks, which is when I’ll be graduating from the school and heading to Texas for the orientation, which should be my last delay for a while, at least. If I do have to, I’ll do my best to announce it earlier but… well, you know.

Anyway, sorry for the wait. I promise to do my best with this next story to make it worth it!


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