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News Update 4: Late Again

Ugh, I hate writing these.

Right now, I'm in Dallas, Texas, going over orientation for my new job. And it's a doozy; we're basically scheduled dawn 'til dusk doing drek, with an eight hour break for sleep nestled in there.

Bottom line is that, even though I probably could rush out another Solaire, I don't want to. I'm drained and I know that anything I write under these circumstances is going to end up very sub-par. Letting the story come out a week late seems like the lesser of two evils here, so I'm going to do that.

I promise, the schedule is coming back soon. On Thursday, my on-the-road training begins, meaning that for the first time in a whole month my schedule will crystallize into something I can finally start predicting again. And have some more control of, hopefully. So we're going to aim for that; keep your eyes peeled for Solaire IX next Sunday, the 16th and I'll do my best to make the wait worth it.

See you soon,


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