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News Update #6: Plague Times

tl;dr: Big sick make schedule bad, stories may be late, sign up for announcements, there may be things to do if you're bored

So in case you've been living in, I don't know, a secret orbital base cut off from all communication in fear of becoming radicalized by Soviet propaganda, we're dealing with the Coronavirus right now, and most everybody has been put into some level of quarantine, forced to be stuck at home and learn the answer to "does it really matter if I go into work today?"

But that's not me! As I said before, I'm currently a truck driver, working for Stevens Transport, moving food deliveries from one hysteria-stripped grocery store (thanks for that, by the way) to another. Which means I've been slammed with deliveries. In fact, we're needed so much now that truck drivers transporting specifically food (i.e., me) have had the Federal Rules on how many hours a day we can work outright lifted. Let me repeat that for your benefit: the governmental office that's so pettily bureaucratic it dictates how large our windshield cracks can be to the quarter inch just told us "hey, we're so low on supplies that you can ignore these vital safety rules as long as you're getting us the things we need."

Dire times, indeed.

Needless to say, these deliveries have given me little time to stop and write, which is why some of the most recent stories have been late. I thought that things were going to calm down soon, but as these quarantine measures keep ramping up and ramping up, it's clear that these frantic drives are going to be the norm for a while. So my time will be at a premium for a while.

This kind of sucks, because there's nothing I'd rather being doing than sitting at home, writing stories and entertaining all of you with nothing to do. And it super sucks, because I'm in the middle of an exciting new project (and potentially about to begin another exciting project!). But I love this job, and somebody needs to do it, so here we are.

What does that all mean? Well, it means I'm giving up any hopes of keeping a regular schedule, so bye-bye 'once a week Sunday publishing'. I'll just have to post them when they're finished, but I have no way to predict when that will be. I'll still keep the Creepy America-Soliare-Creepy America rotation, but other than that, they'll be no way to tell when a story's ready. Sorry, but that's the state of things.

Wait, though! There is a way! If you still want to hear when a story comes, you can subscribe to email updates on this site by filling out the subscribe form on the front page of this site, under the blog posts. Or, if that's too 2010 for you, you can follow me on twitter @NoahHoffmann6, which I update every time there's something new.

Finally, if you're sitting around with nothing to do, I encourage you to read through these stories if you haven't already, or start the other series if you haven't yet already. And if you've enjoyed these tales, or if they've relieved your boredom just a little bit, I'd appreciate it if you let me know! Message me at my deviantart or tumblr profiles, or at author.nh95@gmail.com. Like or rate the stories on the platform, or give it an honest review on Smashwords. And hey, if you can find it in you, you can also perform an ancient eldritch ritual to eliminate linear time as we know it, giving me the limitless lifespan of a dead god. Any little bit helps!

Alright friends, stay healthy, stay upbeat!


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