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News Update #7: I'm Alive!

tl;dr: I'm back, and the next Creepy America story is coming this Sunday, the 12th. And we should be back to a normal schedule.

So I was away for a bit. And by a bit, I mean almost two months.

Oops. Sorry about that.

What happened was one part bad timing, one part creative struggle. The bad timing is due to the fact that everything in America is opening up again and working as a truck driver delivering things, work got insane for a while there. Not only because we were now rushing to get supplies to different people so that they'd have the things they needed in time to open, but also because a bunch of other truckers that weren't on the road for a while were now trying to do the same thing, so truck stops and check in areas and everything else we use was real clogged for a bit. Add in a couple thousand cabin-feverish drivers out and about all of a sudden (guys, I love you, but your driving really got worse since the quarantine), and I had quite a few days where it was all I could do to pull over and pass out. Writing was out of the question for a while.

And unfortunately, this also collided with a big creative problem. Without giving too much away about our upcoming Creepy America 14, this story was something I referred to as a "stuck in a lift" episode, where a group of people are trapped somewhere with a problem to deal with ("Beyond Belief" was one of these). And while I knew what the plot and different story beats were, every time I returned to it, it just felt off. The characters were acting too unrealistically; they were doing things just to advance the story instead of organically responding the way real people would. After so much time between stories, I didn't want to push out drek for the sake of publishing something, so I ended up rewriting it.

Three times.

And it's a long one. For context, a typical Creepy America story usually clocks in somewhere around 6,000 words. One that goes on for 8,000 to 10,000 is a big one.

This one ended at 12,553 words.

And I wrote it three times.

So yeah, it kinda took a sec.

But it was worth it, and now I'm happy enough with it (or, at least, compromised with myself to the point of accepting it) to publish it. And after that, my writing should be caught up to schedule, so barring any apocalyptic world-shattering events (it's 2020, so who fraking knows at this point),

expect Solaire's next episode of robot murder the 19th, and things to go smoothly from there (or, at least, as smoothly as my life will allow.)

Oh, and also, if any of you happened to catch that brief period when the website was down, DON'T PANIC. I did a dumb and attached the website hosting payment to an expired card and didn't realize until waaaayyyy too late. But upshot of this is I just decided to pay for a whole year outright, so now we're good (for a year, at least. No promises I won't be stupid next year, though).

That's it. Sorry for the delay and thanks for sticking with me. See you later, and happy adventuring!


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