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News Update 8: Oops. Again.

tl;dr: I'm apologizing for being late. Again.

Well, this is... awkward.

I feel bad about being late right on the heels of being late, more so for not keeping you guys updated. I have a ever so slightly better excuse this time around, but still... my bad.

Recently, my trucking company put me on a brief stint running a dedicated route to see if it would be something I'd prefer doing, as opposed to the OTR, grab-what-trips-we-send-you thing I was doing. Theoretically, it would have been a much nicer set up for me.


It was a completely nocturnal route: I'd pick up my loads at one, maybe two in the morning, and drive until ten or so-ish in the morning, when my deliveries were scheduled, and I had a way harder time than I thought I would adjusting. It completely zombified me. Add in absolutely everything going wrong (I had to take that stupid truck in three separate times to get repaired) and a few paperwork issues that took forever to get fixed (which, honestly, were all my own stupid fault), and that whole month, I barely had enough energy to crawl into the back of my truck and fall asleep, much less write.

And then I got almost two full weeks off (one week of home time, one week waiting on one of those aforementioned repairs). And I squandered it on Youtube and video games.

So... yeah. Sorry about that.

The good news is that I'm off that route now, and things are back to the (semi-)regular sanity I can expect in my life. Hopefully, that means a return to our normal schedule of one story a Sunday, but as before, I'm not promising anything, just stating a hope. Hopefully, my next news update will be a definite promise, but until things settle down... well, you know.

That's it. Fingers crossed this is the last time I have to write one of these... and happy adventuring!


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