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News Update #8: Still Alive, I Promise!

I should probably mention that one of my biggest weaknesses is communication. Slightly ironic, considering I'm a writer, but that's life for you.

So yeah. Considering that the next Creepy America story was supposed to be published December 20th, fair to say that I'm a little bit late on that one. I got halfway done with it before realizing it sucked and trashed it. That's when I realized that I needed a tiny bit of a break from this project, so I stopped for a week or two so I could come back to it with fresh eyes, and hopefully a better story.

So why did I not edit the little schedule calendar on the website that I'd made specifically for this purpose to keep you informed to delays? I kind of forgot I made it.

Have I mentioned that communication isn't one of my strong suits?

Rest assured, the project still lives. I've started Episode 18 again and hope to get it done soon (though not putting an ETA on it just yet.) So hopefully next time we talk, it'll be once I'm back on track with things.



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