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Yet Another Late Explination

tl;dr: stuff was late.

Aren't these so fun to read?

So even though I've semi-given up on the schedule, I feel like I took so long getting both this and the last Creepy America done that I owe you guys an explanation. Not quite an excuse (trying real hard to stick to my own upload schedule, if only to preserve my fragile pride at this point), but still.

So you remember that big winter storm that rolled through Texas? You know, the one that happened all the way back in February? Yeah, it kinda royally screwed up everything in the trucking world. A drektron of stuff goes through Texas, and having the whole state shut down for an entire week had some serious fallout. Deliveries all over the place were delayed for weeks (I was in California at the time, and one guy in dispatch told me he had almost fifty loads meant to leave the state overdue), truck stops were out of fuel for literal months, and the whole thing was just an awful mess. It was so bad, that only now, in May, are things finally calming down to normal.

Which means that, basically, my explanation boils down to stress and not a whole lot else. I had run stuff real tight to make deliveries on time. For those who don't know, federal laws say that, at a minimum, I can drive for eleven hours, then park my truck for ten before driving again. Normally, that's just kind of a guideline, as my deliveries have enough time on them to stretch those ten hours into thirteen or fourteen hours, meaning I can get about four to five hours of free time to myself to shower, write, relax, etc., before I need to sleep. But with all these schedules kind of on emergency mode, I had to do the strict eleven drive, ten park timeline. That left me about two hours a day to myself (unless I wanted to cut into my sleep time; not a good idea when your job is to drive the kinetic equivalent of a cruise missile on roads with other people), and I just... felt burnt out. Rushing all the time, worrying about hours; by the time I sat down to write, I was so exhausted I didn't even want to look at my computer screen.

THAT said, things are calm again. Schedules are back to normal, so barring anything other the disaster movies the world has planned for the 2020s (seeing as we just lived through Day After Tomorrow, my money's on either Independence Day or starting on the Planet of the Apes franchise), I should be getting back to schedule real soon. Should. And, fingers crossed, might mean I could start making enough progress on the other projects to start showing you guys some stuff.

Alright. That's it. Over and out.


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