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Tell me, friends, have you heard the tale of the Dread Pirate Solaire? Have you heard about the ferocity he had when fighting the Sky Demon of Casterville, or his spectacular escape from the Clockwork Temple? How about the cunning he displayed when outwitting the Archmage of Archone, or the pure bravado he possessed when single-handly defeating the entire Kellian Empire?


Well never fear my friends; my name is Patience the Bard and I'm here to correct that specific travesty in your life. Collected here are the various adventures of Soliare. They span across all of Lorian, they involve every species of heroes and villains, and they include every action committed by Solaire himself, every theft, murder, scheme, back-stab, intimidation, explosion, and treason, until he can reach his ultimate goal:


To save his sister River Ravenheart from the clutches of slavery.


 Dive in and enjoy the anarchy.